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Snap Italy suggests us among the "five best Italian pizzerias to eat pizza gourmet!"

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FOOD PAIRING OF PIZZA "The food pairing has also contaminated the world of pizza, so it happens that mixologists, barman and sommeliers study together with pizza makers the concepts of contrast, similarity and seasonality and bring to the table the perfect examples of food pairing."

In this article, ICON goes in search of some combinations designed to enhance the flavors of pizza, from cocktails to champagne.

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Corriere della Sera

Brescia's tastes come to the Astino monastery on the weekend.
Typical products and chefs of "East Lombardy" in 25 tasty itineraries. Among the hundreds of present, including pizza makers, chefs, artisans and producers, there is also Antonio Pappalardo.
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Italian Gourmet

La Cascina dei Sapori, 10 anniyears of gourmet pizza. Italian Gourmet talks about our birthday and the second party to celebrate, where Antonio and Simone Padoan from I Tigli will be protagonists. 

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Identità Golose

Identità Golose includes La Cascina dei Sapori into the 13 best restaurants to try during summer.

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Giornale di Brescia

Antonio's pizzas arrive to Turkey.
In June Antonio has been in Istanbul for a training, introducing his method of pizza making. From October, the collaboration will be concretized in other master classes.
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Identità Golose

Identità Golose dedicates an article to Antonio's pizza with raw fish, onion, cashews and mayo with habanero.
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Brescia Today

Gambero Rosso mentions the best restaurants in Lombardy of the 2018. Among the resturant in Brescia there is also La Cascina dei Sapori.

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Made in Brescia

Bread and Tastes in Cattafame: the taste of the sharing.
Carlos Mac Adden tells you the day spent with the friends of the Cascina Cattafame.
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Fuori Magazine

Pizza, bread and deliciousness on Sunday the 28th of May in the special farmstead with social engagement. In Ospitaletto, near Brescia, a "good" party at Cascina Cattafame.


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Fine Dining Lovers

Gennaro Nasti, great pizza maker and friend, recommends us among all the pizzerias in Italy. We are proud of it! Read the entire article here

Six new pizza - Identità golose

Among the six new pizzas recommended by Identità Golose there is also our pizza with bonito, onion, cashew nuts and mayonnaise with habanero. Read the whole article here

The Tasty Ways

According to The Tasty Ways, La Cascina dei Sapori is one of the most famous gourmet pizzerias in Italy! Leggi l'articolo

Brescia Oggi

Pappalardo  firma la pizza  in chiave gourmet. Leggi l'articolo

Fine Dining Lovers

"La Cascina dei Sapori is a place of worship for the gourmet pizza." The first event to celebrate 10 years of Cascina is one of the unmissable dinners in February for FineDiningLovers. Read the entire article here.


At the pizzeria of the young and passionate Antonio Pappalardo different types of pizza coexist: the classic Neapolitan pizza, the crispy “pizza in teglia” (the Roman way) and the slices of gourmet pizza. Fast cooking and sumptuous toppings complete the profile.

Fine Dinning Lovers

You would never guess that one of the best gourmet pizza is in Rezzato, near Brescia, and that the person who makes it is not yet 30 years old. Antonio Pappalardo will amaze you in its La Cascina dei Sapori with a variety of pizzas with different flavors, sometime gentle ones, other times full and delicious.

Il Golosario

In addiction to the leavened products, you can also find snacks from the kitchen and a dessert menu prepared by the pastry chef Matteo. The selection of wines, beers and cocktails, chosen by Alessandro, ensures satisfaction and surprise thanks to some unknown gems.

Pizzerie d'Italia 2016 - Gambero Rosso

Antonio Pappalardo, young and passionate pizza maker, is receiving praise for his eclectic and multi-faceted proposal, reflection of his tireless disposition of researcher.

Identità golose

If pizza is your passion, right outside Brescia at La Cascina dei Sapori there's everything you need to enjoy a superb experience!

Elle Gourmet

Cascina dei Sapori is one of the best pizzerias in Italy according to "Elle Gourmet". Read the full article here.